Alliance Restoration, Inc. is an Accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

• We have done restoration work for thousands of satisfied customers in the Mid-South area.

• We have hundreds of satisfied home owners who are willing to act as references for our work!

We work with your insurance company to make sure you get the best claim possible.

Alliance Restoration, Inc. specializes in handling all your residential and commercial storm damage needs.

Reps are trained with insider knowledge on how Adjusters grade your damage, and are specifically trained to work with your insurance company to:

• Submit the claim as your representative, specialist, and contractor

• Set up a time for your adjuster to meet us and inspect the damage

• Meet with your adjuster onsite and prepare all the needed paperwork

• Diagram and take all measurements for your roof

• Help you with shingle, venting, and color options

• Only if requested: Provide customers information on upgrade shingles and vents (We do NOT "upsell", EVER!)

• Work with insurance adjusters on all "back end" claim paperwork after the adjuster meeting

• We are trained to overcome objections, denied claims, and reluctance from your insurance company. We do this every day. This is a specialty home owners simply do not have.

If the insurance company does not accept our claim of damage, you are NOT OBLIGATED to Alliance Restoration, Inc. in any way. Period!

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